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Author Kathryn Caraway

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Kathryn Caraway will be debuting her first non-fiction memoir, exploring the psychological and social issues around stalking.  This novel is a raw, deeply personal account of her experience as the target of a criminal stalker.

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Kathryn's Writing Journey

A New Beginning

Kathryn was a chronic overachiever, amassing a string of letters after her name and awards until life took an unexpected turn that forced her to slow down.  The adjustment was not an easy one to make, but it allowed her writing to transform from perfunctory to creative.  True to Kathryn’s nature, she jumped into a writing career with the same force and determination that led to her success in business.

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A Call to Action

Since 2016, Kathryn has been the target of a stalker and has chosen to share her story publicly so others may learn more about the crime of stalking.  Her stalker had victims in three different states before targeting Kathryn, but she was the first to win a conviction against him in 2020.  Her persistence led to another two convictions, with the last being in 2022.  Kathryn’s stalker has completed his sentencing and is free to roam about the world to stalk again.  


An Author is Born

Initially, Kathryn wrote about her stalking experience to capture all the elements of the story before time had an opportunity to erode them.  In nineteen days, her story unfolded across 50,000 words and was still not finished.  Once the manuscript was completed, Kathryn embarked on the path to publishing to share her story.

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Lonely person being stalked

Stalking in America

An estimated 13.5 million people are stalked each year.  For every 1,000 incidents of stalking, only 287 are reported to law enforcement.  Of those reported, 159 police reports will be taken and 12 persons will be arrested resulting in 1 conviction.

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